Tampin Hainan Coffee

About Us

About Tampin Coffee

In Tampin Hainan Coffee, we practice traditional coffee production methods to give you fully satisfaction while enjoying our coffee. We roasted premium coffee beans combined with butter, sesame and sugar to create the bold, aromatic flavor of our Hainanese coffee. The roasted coffee beans then freshly ground and brewed in all outlets to ensure the quality of every cup. We roast all our coffee fresh to order, which means you receive it as fresh and tasty as it gets.

Our History

  • I started with myself. Why do I drink coffee?
  • When I wake up, I drink coffee as a morning ritual. I start out giving gratitude, doing affirmations and planning out my day.
  • I realize that a good coffee will make my day goes smoothly
  • Being a business owner, a father, and an adoring husband to a beautiful wife, I drink coffee for energy and focus.
  • When gathering with friends, I realize I need to enjoy a great coffee with them. Well to be honest, a friendly environment play a big role too!

Established in 1957, our coffee shop becomes the main gathering places of all races. Our coffee will surely creates more joyful memories together with our friendly environment shop.

Great experience in our Cafe

Coffee shops and cafes are familiar stomping grounds for many of us. We all have our favorite coffee haunts where we spend time with friends, for work, or even just to relax and watch the world go by. Our cafe always provide friendly atmosphere while a great tasting, strong cup of brew is serve to our customer. Now you can even enjoy our signature hand-roasted coffee in your home just in one click. 

What our Customer say
  • Chan LH

    Best coffee in Tampin. Best meeting place for buddies.

    Chan LH
  • Stanley Wu


    Stanley Wu
  • Seh Kok

    (cina ,india & melayu) coffee shop- CIM Coffee shop

    Seh Kok
  • Chiak Kent


    Chiak Kent
  • Ben Lye


    Ben Lye
  • Eddy Chin

    authentic Hainan good coffee

    Eddy Chin
  • Teh Kok Hua


    Teh Kok Hua