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    We serves authentic Hainanese and local dishes coupled with hand-roasted coffee and our famous homemade kaya.
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Tampin Hainan Coffee Shop

People often choose Tampin Coffee to do their work, gather and meet up with friends or relatives. Our café is an epitome of fun and good coffee. Everyday, we strive to give the best to our customers

Get to know us and you will find we got much more to offer

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Why Choose us​

Your day depends on your coffee in the morning. We serve a perfect coffee for your needs.  We’re confident that we are the only coffee shop in town areas that provides these benefits to your breakfast.

At Tampin Hainan Coffee Shop, to maintain the quality and the exquisite coffee taste, only the best beans were chosen. 

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Do you miss any news online? Don't worry! We got your back. We provide a free wifi for you to catch up with anything on the internet.
Cozy & Comfortable Seats

Cozy & Comfortable Seats

Talk about the best hangout spot in town. We have it all here. We are the best coffee shop in town for you to hangout. No matter who is your partner.
Authentic Taste of Coffee

Authentic Taste of Coffee

A great day always start with a great coffee shop in the morning. Look no more. We offers variety of flavors that accommodate each of our customers' taste!
Mood Booster

Mood Booster

We provide drinks for customer that are waiting for the orders. We concern about your waiting, that's the only way we can do for your waiting time.

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What our Customer say
  • Chan LH
    Chan LH

    Best coffee in Tampin. Best meeting place for buddies.

  • Stanley Wu
    Stanley Wu


  • Seh Kok
    Seh Kok

    (cina ,india & melayu) coffee shop- CIM Coffee shop

  • Chiak Kent
    Chiak Kent


  • Ben Lye
    Ben Lye


  • Eddy Chin
    Eddy Chin

    authentic Hainan good coffee

  • Teh Kok Hua
    Teh Kok Hua


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Hainanese Artisan Coffee

Marvel at the ingenuity of Hainanese artisans as we roast coffee beans with salt, margarine and sugar using a truck’s transmission.

Watch intro video about us

Watch intro video about us